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Club Newsletter 2023 Feb

Members meeting Cancelled
The Members meeting scheduled for Sunday 26 February is called off, due to lack of items
listed for the agenda.

Captain’s report
The good will among players is strong, and the dedication of members to the health of the
club is high.

Competitions are ongoing through the season, both within the club and at other clubs. Some
we win, some we lose, but the enjoyment of playing is as strong as ever.

I expect the rest of the season will be happy and productive.

Lesley Cavalier, Club Captain

President’s report
As the above items suggest, and the club financial interim report on the clubhouse notice
board does too, things in the Brighton Croquet Club world are going pretty well at the
moment. As ever, there are lots of problems that arise – leaking pipes, clubhouse repairs and
painting needs, a gap in the fence nearest to Middle Brighton station, etc etc – but I have
been impressed with how members variously step up to address them. My, and all members,
thanks to the many who do a bit and keep the club going smoothly.

Financially we are on track to make a small surplus this year, which is what we want. Subject
to continued care on spending and barring any catastrophes. We have now paid off the
builders (McKimms) the money they lent us for the verandah renovation; so future accounts
will no longer be distorted by that hang over. The crane hanging over court one should also
now be gone.

I take the lack of items for the scheduled Members meeting as another indicator that there
are no major concerns amongst members. But if there issues, or they arise, please do let me
or a Committee member know.

The only problem I foresee currently is my need to make more hoops out on the court. But I’ll keep trying.

Clive Morley, Club President

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